5 Unexpected Benefits of Regular Exercise

Stronger and sculpted muscles and weight control – these are the two most important reasons why people decide to start training, but this doesn’t mean that if we decide to get involved in regular fitness activities we won’t get some less obvious benefits. By being physically active, we can experience many health and other types of benefits.


Besides well-shaped muscles and less pounds, regular exercise will influence a few other aspects of your everyday life. Here’s a list of 5 unexpected benefits of regular exercise.

  1. The brain receives power

When compared to people who are less fit, athletes have a greater brain mass in areas of the brain related to actions, thinking, behavior, memory and decision-making. Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you visit your gym on a regular basis or if you exercise at home regularly you will become a genius, but 40 minutes of moderate exercise three to five days a week can increase the brain capacity for 2%.

  1. You will feel less pain

There are basically two ways in which we can view pain – pain tolerance or the maximum amount of pain that we can endure and threshold of pain or the moment when you start feeling pain. According to a recent study conducted by prominent scientists, athletes have significantly higher pain tolerance level compared to ordinary people. Improved resistance to pain is not only useful during exercise or competition, but it also helps people deal with stress in a more efficient and less harmful way.

  1. You will change your diet

Many people are aware of the fact that exercise affects the appetite, but only a small number of people know that physical activity can also affect on our food choices (in a good way). This is something that occurs because of the fact that training helps proper regulation of blood sugar levels, but regular exercise also helps exercisers to get to know their body in a better way and differ hunger from food cravings related to boredom for example.

  1. You will become more attractive even without well-defined abs

Androstadienone is a pheromone found in male sweat. This is actually a chemical that is believed to improve the cortisol levels and mood in women. In addition to these pheromones, improved blood circulation and cardiovascular function as a result of regular fitness activity lead to better love life.

  1. You will get stronger bones and muscles

When you exercise, you build muscles by creating micro-fissures in the tissue. While you rest, your body repairs the tears and builds stronger muscles. The same goes for the bones. When you are practically forced to work against gravity, the muscles are pushing bones forcing them to become stronger. As a result of that you will become less prone to injuries.

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- July 17, 2015