Beachbody on Demand review

With fitness subscription programs becoming more and more popular in recent years, Beachbody, the company behind hits like P90X and Insanity, has decided to create its own platform for workout videos online. The subscription model is priced 12$ per month, with a free trial period of 30 days, and has a large library of online workouts streaming in HD.


This is a short but very detailed review of Beachbody on demand, in which I hope to cover most of the features with all of the details.

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What is included inside?

First of all, you must understand that this is an online platform only. You log in, and that’s that.

  • The main value comes from the vast library of workouts, each from a palate of workout programs (Insanity, P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Fire…) The videos are streaming in HD quality, and require a very stable and fast internet connection.
  • Also, you get access to all the mal and nutrition plans, and all the guides and schedules for each workout program. You can choose to follow one program till it’s over, or combine workouts to your amusement.
  • There is also a 10% discount included on all future Beachbody purchases, and a live chat access, where you can ask trainers such as Tony Horton, Shaun T and others your own questions.
  • The videos can be played on any device that has internet connection, and uses a newer version of Windows, Mac, as well as Android and IOS.
  • Thus far, there is no app for the Beachbody on demand program, and you can only access it through a browser (compatible with most of them as well).
  • You can also take a preview of recent workout programs that are for sale on Beachbody, and of course a discount of 10% when buying each.
  • There is also the opportunity to win T-shirts, win lots of prizes when participating in internal competitions, and share your results with members of the community. The user interface is sleek and well designed, so you won’t have any trouble navigating through the site.
  • Subtitles are included for most of the workouts, and the list of subtitled videos continues to grow.

What about the price, and where can you buy Beachbody on Demand from?

So far, only one place where you can get access to this platform. The official Beachbody site. And the thing is- only US citizens and Canadians can buy it.

The monetization model is a subscription based, so you will have to put aside 12$ per month as long as you are using Beachbody on demand. That’s nearly 3$ per week, and certainly not a lot of money if you are seriously interested in fitness.

Besides, the great thing is that they offer a trial period of one month, where you can sign out at any time. I guess they are pretty confident that Beachbody on Demand is working, and the free trial is your way in, luring you into the platform and eventually some of the programs included inside.

They will probably market most of their new releases via this channel, so from their point of view it’s another marketing channel as well. This might be frustrating down the road, should they chose to aggressively advertise.

Why is Beachbody on demand a bad idea?

Mostly because you plan to rely on a fast internet connection, and in fact schedule your workouts accordingly. In the meantime, the place where you are staying (read all places other than your own), might not fulfill the required specifications in terms of a fast and stable internet connection.

The marketing went something like this:

You can play your workouts anywhere- In your home, your yard, your hotel room.

It should have read slightly less enthusiastic:

You can play your workouts only where there is fast and stable internet connection. Most hotels don’t qualify.

However, the HD quality is optional, so can switch to slightly below average quality whenever issues arise.

Buying a workout program, you own it for life. This way, the access is granted only for as long as you are paying the membership monthly price. Entitlement logic, I know, but worth to mention this just for perception.

Also, the nutrition guides and all the calendars- they all come in PDF. If the live chats help you with accountability, this for sure returns the blow, so you are back at square one- i.e. it is hard to stay accountable when your program solely exists in a digital form. A calendar hanging on the wall does a better job in keeping you motivated, and printing one in the same quality that comes included when buying the DVDs costs money.

Forget this review- is Beachbody on demand worth your time and money?

Well… most definitely yes. A whole year is quite a lot of time, and quite a lot of fitness when you think about it. Bodies have been shaped in far less time, and certainly far less guidance. This here is the Netflix of fitness. By being so full with variety, and so easy to help you diversify your workouts, it might keep you busy for months to come.

The trial period can nudge you further into saying yes to this platform, and seeing what this is about all by yourself. Oh, and if you have already purchased a workout program from Beachbody, don’t worry, for it will be included once you sign up for Beachbody on demand.

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- July 17, 2015