How to train at 35 C degrees?

It seems that when the temperature goes above 25 C, everything around us goes out of their regular routine, so it is no surprise that people’s daily fitness routines are affected too. Of course, the diet might be improved because this is the period when we can buy more fruit and vegetables, but what about exercise and physical activity?


For many people, training at 35 degrees is not something smart. However, there are many people who have just developed a fitness routine and started noticing the first positive results when the hot weather came. They simply don’t want to stop their progress. So, can we train at 35 C degrees?

Yes! Here’s a list of tips that will help you overcome this problem.

– Stay away from the sun. Any type of training where the participants are exposed to sun between 11 AM and 5 PM are forbidden. Don’t risk because you will most likely experience headaches, vertigo, dehydration, nausea etc.

– That’s why experts recommend the following – workout early in the morning between 6 AM and 8 AM. This is your best option. The air is cleaner and fresh and your body is not affected by the daily heat. If you don’t manage to use this period of the day, exercise between 9 PM and 11 PM.

– When it comes to training space you have two options – use your local gym or your home. Most fitness centers and gyms cut their work hours during summer period, so make sure to find out when your gym is opened. If your local gym is closed during summer, you can use the local park too. Of course, you can use another option that is getting quite popular – your home. If your home has enough room and you have a good air conditioning system, feel free to exercise at home. In case you need inspiration and ideas for exercises use beachbody on demand – a useful fitness video streaming service. You can find dozens of useful exercises that you can perform at your home or at the gym. If you don’t have A/C and your home is small visit your local park.

– Always carry a bottle of water. No matter where you are training you should always have a bottle of water close to you. It is amazing how fast you will feel the need for water when you are training at high temperatures. You should have water close to you even when you start with the regular warm-up procedure.

– Stretching is a must. Cramped muscles are certainly not something that you want to experience when it is hot.

– Use lukewarm water for showering.  Once you are finished with the training, use lukewarm water for showering. You don’t want to create stress in your body by using cold water.

– Finally, reduce the duration of the training. For example if you were active for 45 minutes, start training for about 30 minutes. Don’t worry, you will still experience the positive effects of physical activity.

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- July 17, 2015