Fitness is evolving so stay ahead of the curve

Fitness was this elusive thing no one even talked about years back. If someone wanted to be physically active the choice was mainly between going to the gym weight lifting and counting reps and sets, or putting the shoes on and attack the regular cardio for a mile or two.

And this picture, rather unilateral, was disrupted only here and there by someone who would rather put the stress on performance as opposed to just keeping the fitness levels in check. And mostly specific types of performance, like something that recreational mountain biking or skiing or swimming would have to offer. Not even a dime was given on aspects like agility, coordination and general fitness though.

Flexibility, on the other hand was promoted mainly in circles of yoga practitioners, but this albeit being good for being flexible and promoting somewhat of a muscle definition, was limited and had nothing more to offer.

How the fitness has evolved?

The evolution was rather spontaneous, no matter which of these groups are about to be asked.

With magazines promoting ripped and muscular bodies, the muscle gain was definitely something to pursue. But over time bulk and robust physic became somewhat repelling to many fitness junkies, so the aim was now for muscle definition above anything else.

And since muscle definition and having a lean physic requires a low percentage of body fat, cardio was later introduced as to accompany the strength and compound exercises.

Between these two it seemed like there is nothing else to add. But with the average Jane training for 5k more and more, the performance, or lack of it thereof, became something which people were increasingly concerned about.

So the interval training, once a privilege only for athletes, was introduced and the fitness routine was almost complete.

The final element it comprised was flexibility by tilting towards some more advance yoga poses.

The diversity played the biggest part.

How people approach fitness nowadays?

Thinking about boot camp like exercises would be definitely the closest. Granted, other individual aspects of fitness, say muscle growth, are no less important. But fitness is observed from a rather different perspective- In the lines of covering every fitness aspect at once.

So, personal trainers are probably the best choice. Not only that they focus on diversity and overall fitness, something that produces that great looking and performing body out the other end of the program, but they also customize the fitness routine according to every individual minimizing or even avoiding the discrepancy between what people want and what exercises deliver.

Other, somewhat of a more individualistic mode, is people educating themselves regarding the various types of exercises and choosing appropriately based on the segment of fitness they want to improve the most. Reading articles on the net, participating in communities, these are the more resourceful guys or gals. Though, it gets boring occasionally, so asking a professional to do the math for them sometimes seems more appealing and less of a headache.

The third type would be something rather new in the fitness world, dating back somewhat less than two decades ago.

These are programs created with the main purpose of losing weight, but as time progressed adding various fitness elements along the way. First came ones that never delivered to their promise, and it seemed like this practice was short lived.

However, after a while a guy named Tony Horton created what became to be the best selling program called P90X, a fitness dvd workout aiming for both looks and performance, as well as every possible aspect of fitness.

This time it did deliver, and the new era in fitness has begun.

Following Tony Horton was Shaun T (as in Thompson), a promising track and field athlete, choreographer and dancer with a degree in sports science, who the same company that created P90X asked to create something even more rigid and mind blowing.

So came to birth the Insanity workout from Beachbody, also available on Beachbody On Demand, a revolutionary max interval type of training, setting a new standard in fitness. With incredible weight loss promised in just two months, the intensity was bananas.

However, for some it was just pushing it too far ahead, so personal coaches took the spotlight again. This time though, offering complete fitness classes as opposed to just specific types of training as Pilates and aerobic. The surprise is that almost ninety percent of people trying to look good and be healthy were now discovering that they are in fact fitness enthusiasts by nature. People who hated the repetitiveness and boredom of classic gym type of training, and wanted a more dynamic set of exercises- More diversity, more fun.

Fitness is now more personal than ever, and it aims to comprise as much muscle definition, flexibility, speed, agility, coordination, weight loss and muscle strength as it can.

And if comparisons are to be made, it is enough to just take our average Joe and Jane from today and compare them with what the picture used to be. This only concurs with the fact that fitness is indeed evolving, with the evolution being in its rather mature stage. People are catching up, so go on and stay ahead of the curve.

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- November 13, 2017